In the Garage: Henry’s First Drive

When I bought Henry, I drove him to the school (Crown School of Trades and Technology) and parked him for a while. I did a little research and got a few parts to get him (at least a little) roadworthy.

As I said in the last post about Henry, he’d lived a very hard life, and it was time to undo some of that abuse and neglect. 

Here’s a dumb clip Jeff and I shot. We’re losers.

List of things done:

  • Carb rebuild
  • Clean interior
  • New Cooper Cobra tires, 255/70 R 15
  • New spark plugs and wires, distributor cap, and rotor
  • Cleaned fuel tank (yuck!)
  • New valve cover gaskets
  • New air filter
  • Oil change
  • Grease suspension & steering



While it’s far from the worst interior I’ve ever come across, it needed a good cleaning top to bottom, front to back.



Amanda did a RIDICULOUSLY good job cleaning up the chrome pieces with nothing but steel wool and a little water. Check back soon for a Tech Tip Tuesday on that!


The engine was barely running; I think this could be a contributing factor…I’m not sure the fuel filter was EVER changed!



I’m pretty sure the product is supposed to go in the tank, but the previous owner went the extra mile and threw the whole shebang in.



This was the fuel pickup and sending unit in the tank. Normally I would replace it, but I’m planning on doing a gas tank relocation under the bed, so I just slapped it back together; so Roadkill!



I know he’s a little out of focus, but Jeff was super excited about the new door hinges!



First test drive! And first breakdown.



Then the chase car overheated



Jeff and I limped his Firebird back to the shop and grabbed the shop truck to pull cranky old Henry back to the shop.



Next time! Find out what went wrong and how we fixed it.

Happy wrenching! 

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