Southeast Gassers!

I love gassers. They’re hardcore, old school, bare bones drag racers and I can’t get enough of them. The Southeast Gassers Association is very strict regarding vehicle specs to give an authentic 60s feel to their races and ensure a crowd pleasing show.  My wife and I won free tickets on Facebook, and we were stoked to head to Knoxville Dragstrip to see the show! I had to work at the shop until 3, but we headed over ASAP when I got home. It was a crazy, awesome night full of stomach-vibrating, teeth-shaking drag racing. Those guys were amazing! Check out their Facebook page or website for a schedule and more information.

Also, my brother in law is building a 55 Chevy gasser to run with them. Check out his Facebook page


Craig Owen

I can’t write a post about the Southeast Gassers without mentioning the passing of Craig Owen on July 30, 2016. While I didn’t know him personally, it’s a sad time when we lose a legend like him.

Happy wrenching (and racing)!

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