Quick Specs:
1967 Chevy C10 Long Wheelbase Fleetside

Engine: 350, mild build (originally 283)

Exhaust: Rusted out “custom” dual exhaust. Needing replacement soon!

Update: Replaced the old rusted pipes with some short glass packs and turndowns                 just aft of the cab. Post here.

Transmission: Saginaw 3 speed on the column. How to adjust the shift linkage.

Tires: 255/70/15 Cooper Cobra

Wheels: Stock 15×6 steelies. Way too narrow for the tires!

Parts truck: 1986 C10 no engine, TH350 trans, 10 bolt rear, scored for $300 on a Facebook swap page. Planning on using the steering and brake setup on Henry soon.

Check back often for the latest updates on Henry!

Articles (newest on top):

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