Tech Tip Tuesday: Don’t Weld Like Alex

I’m not a certified welder by any stretch, but I don’t remember my first welds looking anything close to this bad! Most of these look like they were done without any shielding gas, cleaning, metal prep, or even a modicum of pride. I know we all started somewhere, but my goodness! This was on an Audi that was falling apart anyway, but this sure didn’t help. Enjoy these cringe-worthy photos…


They make reducers for this sort of thing. Don’t just keep welding to fill a gap.



Say it with me: RE-DUC-ER


Not to be crude, but it looks like this pipe spent a considerable amount of time under a chicken coop.



Alex, wherever you are, I wouldn’t be so quick to put my name on something like this.

Happy wrenching! (And welding)

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