Carolina Rod Shop

While my wife and I were on vacation last year, she spotted this cool hot rod shop off I-85 and we had to stop.


IMG_2905 copy.jpg

Glen Dodd is a former owner of Carolina Rod Shop. As a business owner, his attention slowly shifted from working on the cars to managing the employees. He sold the shop and has enjoyed working on vehicles ever since. In his “free time” he has participated in Brock Yates’ One Lap Of America many times in his ’48 Plymouth Coupe (and other vehicles) featuring Corvette C5 suspension, A/C, a supercharged LS3, and 4l60-E transmission. It’s all business in this coupe. I love the overall roughness (almost rat rod-esque) and the unique details like the glass Plymouth emblem. What’s special about 6-8-56? That’s his anniversary.

IMG_2889 copy.jpg

This is Glen and his wife shortly after they were married in ’56. That’s a ’48 Plymouth Coupe behind them, but, like many a married man, he sold it for a more family friendly vehicle. His wife bought him the current Coupe as a gift, and his first reaction was, “Man, this thing is a piece of junk!” Good thing he didn’t throw in the towel then!

IMG_2887 copyIMG_2907

The steering column and wheel are from an S10, but the horn button is original Plymouth.IMG_2903

It doesn’t have to be pretty to work!IMG_2900IMG_2899 copyIMG_2896

Glen and the boys just sanded it down through the layers of paint and cleared it. I love the patina!

IMG_2909 copy

These are the hands of a working man. He was working on his A/C when we showed up, and he just dropped everything and talked to us for a couple of hours! Dirty hands = clean money.

Here are a few pics from their Facebook page. They do it all!

Check out their website for their history (it’s a really cool story!) and their Facebook page where they feature many vehicles they’re building and other cool stuff. Happy wrenching!


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