Garage Tour: Jeff and Junior

J&J Feature

Who: Jeff (@e10hotrods on Instagram) and Junior (

What: Custom and Auto Glass Shop

Where: Clinton, TN

Space: One bay, office space.

Equipment: Hobart MIG welder, Craftsman toolbox, drill press

Jeff and Junior started leasing this shop a few months ago as a startup hot rod and glass shop. Junior has been a GM for a local auto parts store here in the Knoxville area for the last several years and he’s ready to branch out into small business ownership with Budget Auto Glass Discounters (865-200-2519). Jeff works as a service writer/technician at a well-respected local repair shop and now also works out of this single bay shop on evenings and weekends. Check out this quick tour of their shop.


Their office has all the staples of a hot rod shop; a pit bike, hardware, drink cooler, and Hot Rod magazines. Atop the hardware bins is the gauge cluster from Jeff’s ’75 Trans Am, Roxy. He also included his “Trans Am Only Parking” sign which he used to set on his toolbox during the week and in front of his car at shows on the weekends.


Jeff and Junior’s version of the ubiquitous Roadkill To-Do List. WSP_7127WSP_7113WSP_7111

Their current project is a ’49 Chevy pickup on an S10 frame. It’s been hacked up a little bit by the previous mechanics, so they’re going to work their magic on this rusty beauty and bring her back to life!


Now that you’ve seen what they’re up to, follow them on social media to keep up to date on their latest projects! Happy Wrenching!

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