Tool Review: Hose Grip Pliers

Removing small vacuum and coolant hoses and without damaging anything seemed like a nearly impossible task until I discovered these little gems. These pliers grip more of the hose and put less pressure on the (usually plastic) nipple than regular flat pliers allowing you to remove the hose with a much lower probability of damaging the fitting. It also lets you twist the hose a little bit to break the seal. They typically come in 3/4″ for larger heater hoses and spark plug wires, 1/2″ for medium vacuum and fuel hoses, and  1/4″ for small vacuum hose. 


The ones pictured here are from Matco Tools and I also have a set from Mac Tools. They’re premium quality for sure, but if you’re looking to save a little cash you could purchase one of the sets from Amazon below.*

The above are made by ATD, a quality tool brand.

These Gearwrench pliers are a little longer and feature a “Double X” design. I have yet to purchase any Double X pliers from Gearwrench, but I’m very intrigued. Perhaps I’ll be able to justify these somehow.

What are some of your favorite tools? Let me know in the comments below and Happy Wrenching!

*This post contains affiliate links. Thanks for your support!

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