In The Garage: The Falcon (Part 1)

I have a 1964 Ford Falcon Futura 4 door that my mom bought in the late 70s as just a cheap around-town car. When I was about 13 or 14 Mom said she was thinking of selling it. Of course, that was MY car! I’d had my eye on it forever and I spent a lot of time playing in it while it was stored in the garage (not sure if my mom knew about that…). As such, I felt I had a God-given right to the bird, so I told my mom, “You know, it won’t really be THAT long until I’m driving and I think that’d be a great car for me!”

She took the bait!

IMG_1869 copy

Papaw and I dragged the car out of its slumber in the garage and spent a few weeks rebuilding the brakes, changing all the fluids, filters, belts, etc. and got the beast going. It was far from a beast in all reality as it only had a little 170 ci 6 cyl. engine, 1 bbl carb, and a 2-speed Ford-O-Matic (not kidding) transmission. It wasn’t fast, but it was mine.

I loved driving that car around everywhere through high school, then I enrolled in Tennessee Technology Center at Harriman (now Tennessee College of Applied Technologies) and the car underwent a transformation. I built a 302 bored .060″ over, put a .473/.497 cam in it, flat top 289 pistons, new valves, had the heads shaved a few thousandths, new crank, etc.IMG_1814 copy

I had Randy’s Precision Machine in Harriman do all my machine work and bought most of the parts at Tri-Cities Auto Parts, a local NAPA store.

After the engine was built, I got a transmission from a guy in New York state off eBay and dropped the whole mess in. I tinkered around with it while I was in school but the little things nickled and dimed me to death! Fittings, hoses, bolts, mounts, etc. If you’ve ever had a big project, you understand. When I graduated, I towed the car home and it sat. And sat. And sat for several years until… Check back soon for part two!

IMG_1816 copy

P.S. thanks to some guy in Alaska for not buying my Falcon all those years ago when I got her.

Happy wrenching!

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