Tech Tip Tuesday: How to Keep a Bolt From Falling Out of a Socket

Sometimes it’s hard to get your hands where they need to be to start a bolt by hand, but if you put the bolt in a socket it falls out before you can reach the hole. What to do? Tape it!

IMG_4726 copy.jpg

You can use a little bit of electrical or duct tape to hold the bolt or nut in the socket. Don’t use too much or the socket won’t come off when you need it to! I used this trick to start a transmission bellhousing bolt on a 2004 Trailblazer during an engine replacement. I couldn’t even see the hole, but the bolt stayed in the socket until I could get it started and run it in with an impact. That link goes to Amazon if you’re looking for one of the best impact wrenches on the market. I have the previous generation and I’ve used it for 5+ years straight without a single issue! Ingersoll Rand makes some good stuff. Good luck and happy wrenching!

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