Garage Tour: Dave

Who: Dave (Rapid Transit '55 Gasser) What: Boeing CNC Mechanic (self-proclaimed Turbo-Encabulator Specialist) Where: Puyallup, WA Space: 25' by 15' one bay garage Equipment: Typical engine building/tuning tools, blower/supercharger jig for the occasional blower, grinder/polishing wheel, blast booth, lead working tools. Projects: '66 Triumph T120 chopper, '57 rag top VW Bug, '63 Impala SS 327, '55 Chevy 150 gasser (injected 409) … Continue reading Garage Tour: Dave

Tool Review: Gearwrench Hand Tools

The Gearwrench brand became popular when they introduced the 5-degree ratcheting wrench in 1996. While their ratcheting wrenches still rank high on my list of every day go-to tools, Gearwrench now offers a full line of hand tools including ratchets, sockets, screwdrivers, pliers, and specialty automotive tools (disclaimer: I'm super picky about my ratchets. I'll … Continue reading Tool Review: Gearwrench Hand Tools

Tech Tip Tuesday: Preventing and Repairing a Stripped Drain Plug

Honestly it's pretty much the worst way to end an otherwise uneventful oil change. It doesn't matter if you're working on a customer car or your own pride and joy, a stripped drain plug spells a bad day. Most of the time, drain plugs are striped because an inexperienced neanderthal feels the need to hang … Continue reading Tech Tip Tuesday: Preventing and Repairing a Stripped Drain Plug