Tech Tip Tuesday: Checking Manual Transmission Fluid

In modern cars, you may or may not be able to check the automatic transmission fluid, but most still allow you to check the manual transmission fluid. In the old days autos had a dipstick and manual trannys didn't. If you want the privilege of rowing through your own gears, you'll have to work a … Continue reading Tech Tip Tuesday: Checking Manual Transmission Fluid

What’s Your Car Trouble? – Mechanix Illustrated, Vol 1, January 1942

Mechanix Illustrated was a magazine published from 1928 through 2001. My grandpa bound his copies in large books containing about six magazines each. His personal collection runs from 1942 through 1970. Some of these car repair articles from WWII are fascinating! Enjoy! What's Your Car Trouble? If You Have A Problem With Your Car, Ask Mr. Russell. … Continue reading What’s Your Car Trouble? – Mechanix Illustrated, Vol 1, January 1942

Garage Tour: Dave

Who: Dave (Rapid Transit '55 Gasser) What: Boeing CNC Mechanic (self-proclaimed Turbo-Encabulator Specialist) Where: Puyallup, WA Space: 25' by 15' one bay garage Equipment: Typical engine building/tuning tools, blower/supercharger jig for the occasional blower, grinder/polishing wheel, blast booth, lead working tools. Projects: '66 Triumph T120 chopper, '57 rag top VW Bug, '63 Impala SS 327, '55 Chevy 150 gasser (injected 409) … Continue reading Garage Tour: Dave

Tool Review: Gearwrench Hand Tools

The Gearwrench brand became popular when they introduced the 5-degree ratcheting wrench in 1996. While their ratcheting wrenches still rank high on my list of every day go-to tools, Gearwrench now offers a full line of hand tools including ratchets, sockets, screwdrivers, pliers, and specialty automotive tools (disclaimer: I'm super picky about my ratchets. I'll … Continue reading Tool Review: Gearwrench Hand Tools