Garage Tour: Dave


Who: Dave (Rapid Transit ’55 Gasser)

What: Boeing CNC Mechanic (self-proclaimed Turbo-Encabulator Specialist)

Where: Puyallup, WA

Space: 25′ by 15′ one bay garage

Equipment: Typical engine building/tuning tools, blower/supercharger jig for the occasional blower, grinder/polishing wheel, blast booth, lead working tools.

Projects: ’66 Triumph T120 chopper, ’57 rag top VW Bug, ’63 Impala SS 327, ’55 Chevy 150 gasser (injected 409)


My brother-in-law Dave is a 2nd generation car guy with a taste for the old school (he’s learning lead body work) which is one reason we get along so well! The other reason is that we both think my wife is pretty swell. He’s been into hot rodding since he was a kid and loves just about anything that runs on gasoline (or alcohol) that he can make go faster. He’s had his fair share of classic cars, race cars, and hot rods over the years, and he has a few cool ones in his collection right now. He’s short on square footage, but he’s maximized his space and it’s well-organized.


It’s so tight that his last front engine alcohol dragster JUST fit (with the wheelie bar removed, of course), but only without the chutes. When the chutes were packed, the door wouldn’t close!



It’s tight, but a man can always find room for a bike even if it’s in his living room (I’m looking at you, Jeff).


The ceiling is fair game for displaying cool stuff.


Dave really gets into his work and is borderline OCD when it comes to details. He can’t walk away from something until it’s perfect. A pretty good characteristic in a car guy.


His polishing wheel gets a workout! Check out the sharpie pinstriping on the bench grinder. The longer you look, the more details you can pick out.


Just a little more polishing……


See the pattern in the metal at the bottom right? Dave did all that by hand. Yep, OCD.




He found room for his massive Snap On toolbox.



You remember the Southeast Gassers from Monday’s post? Check this out. Dave has a gasser from the ’60s known as Rapid Transit and he’s in the process of getting this beauty back to being drag-worthy. He has plans to move back to God’s country and join SEGA eventually. The guy who did the original lettering is up for doing it all again. I can’t wait to see Rapid Transit in all of its glory!


18426130_1642937309067994_2095313841_oSee that fuel injected 409 hiding in the front of the garage? It’s just waiting to be stabbed into Dave’s period-correct Gasser.


Dave’s a huge Johnny Cash fan. And Dick Dale fan. Aaaand Beach Boys fan. He developed my wife’s taste in music for sure. The first song she remembers listening to was The Beach Boys’ Barbara Ann while sitting in the car with Dave.

18406275_1642935175734874_26150870_o copy18452161_1643007512394307_1367888576_o

Top Fuel Tink is Dave’s nickname at the track…long story. And no he’s not a “Drag Queen.”


He keeps his family close with little notes and mementos.


He’s working on a ’57 Beetle convertible for his daughter, Faith. Photo credit goes to Faith, by the way, without whom Dave would just be Dave instead of “Fathaaaaaah.” Those who know, get it.

18406264_1642935699068155_1263542329_o copy

Check out those pictures in the top left corner of Rapid Transit back in the day!

There’s vintage automobilia everywhere, and knick-knacks fill every available inch.


Road signs are a perfect canvas for sticker artwork.


Drag racers go through a LOT of spark plugs.


Ed Iskenderian himself gave Dave this ashtray (stogie included) while they were talking in a shop one day. Dave commented how cool the ashtray was, so Ed signed it and gave it to him!


This is by far the best way I’ve seen to display broken car parts. A+

Man, I hope you enjoyed that! I feel like I had to look at every picture about 3 times to take it all in! Make sure you stop by Dave’s Facebook page for Rapid Transit, and Happy Wrenching!

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