Movie Car Monday: Milner’s ’32 Deuce Coupe

MCM Feature Image

The ’32 Ford Coupe practically started hot rodding. Making things faster has been around for as long as there were things to make faster, but the ’32 Ford really set a tone for the hot rodding world. In the ’50s and ’60s (as in the movie American Grafitti), ’32 Fords were 20+ year old cast-offs from parents and grandparents to a new generation of hot rodders. While mom and dad were buying the latest land yachts Detroit had to offer, the kids were getting the hand-me-downs and putting their spin on them. Milner’s Coupe is a perfect example of a ’50s-’60s hot rod. Kids made due with what they had because they worked at grocery stores, drive-ins, and farms for a few months every summer to build their cars the best they knew how. Enjoy this installment of Movie Car Monday and Happy Wrenching!

AG '32 Coupe

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