New Toolbox! (100th Post!)

100th post! For the 100th post on the blog, I had to do something special. I’ve had this box for a while and just never got around to posting about it. I’m a big fan of new tools and new toolboxes (if you haven’t figured that out yet), so for this special 100th post I’ll share with you my most substantial tool purchase thus far.

Click here if the video doesn’t play

I’d been making due at my job as a shop foreman with one 54″ wide Snap On toolbox (KRL722B) and a roll cart, but when the time came to transition to full time technician, I had to have some more tool storage! I hunted around Craigslist for a while when I found this sweetheart: 76″ Snap On EPIQ box (KERP763B, almost $16k new) in Gunmetal for an asking price of $5,000. I took Jeff and Amanda to help load (and for moral support). The box is a solid half-ton empty, so it would have been nearly impossibly to dead lift the box in the truck. It took four people, a lift, a floor jack, and a little shuffling around, but we finally got it loaded safely.

Old Faithful
New Box! *angelic singing*

We were in a short bed 2WD 2004 GMC Sierra, so it was squatting pretty badly and left only about an inch of spare room. I know how to cut it close! We strapped her down and headed to Village Wayside for some lunch, then drove back to Knoxville without incident. Unloading the box was a little interesting as well, but we managed. All in all, I love this box! I’ll have a full box tour eventually, but I have to get it a little bit more organized first.

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Wrenching!

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