Tech Tip Tuesday: No Tool Left Behind

Anyone who has been working on cars for more than about 5 minutes will tell you the same thing: tools are expensive! It can be tough to keep track of all your tools when it seems like you have every tool you own spread out on the ground and under the hood of the project car, but it’s important to keep track of your stuff to avoid FOD. This customer did his brakes himself and complained of a soft pedal and poor braking performance after the repair. Upon removing the caliper the reason was apparent!

IMG_3920 copyIMG_3923 copy

No doubt it could have been worse, but you can see how the socket inside the caliper piston applied pressure in a smaller more concentrated area on the brake pad causing it to deform. A new set of pads was all it took to fix this vehicle, and the socket was returned to the slightly embarrassed customer. Keep track of your tools and Happy Wrenching!

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