Falcon Friday (a day late…)

Well most of last night was spent wrenching on the Bird. Changed a nasty fuel filter, plugged the heater hose ports so I could set my timing with my HUGE DUI distributor.  The distributor housing is so large it hits the heater hose fitting on the intake, so I’m in need of a smaller MSD Pro Billet dizzy and box before winter hits, but that’ll have to wait for some additional funds. With the help of Larin, Jeff, and Arturo (some of my students), we fixed an exhaust leak, hooked up the vacuum line, and zip tied a few things out of the way of moving suspension and driveline parts. It’s a lot of work swapping a V8 into a tiny little car like a Falcon! After playing with some minor electrical bugs (it’s 50 years old!), and a couple test drives around the parking lot with my wife, we decided to call it a night. It’s one step closer to making it my daily driver! Remember to check back Monday for Mopar Monday!