Southeastern GMC/Chevy Truck Nationals

We got this cool little flyer at Knoxville Cars and Coffee back in April, and we've been looking forward to the Southeastern Truck Nationals ever since! By the way, if you're trying to promote a car show (or just about anything else for that matter), these little flyers are awesome! They're the perfect size and … Continue reading Southeastern GMC/Chevy Truck Nationals

Southeast Gassers in Knoxville!

The Southeast Gassers are back in Knoxville! My wife and I went to see them last year, and I couldn't wait to see them again. I love seeing these guys roll into town because it's always a great evening of gear-banging, tire-smoking, hardcore gasser action. Quain Stott started the Southeast Gassers Association a few years … Continue reading Southeast Gassers in Knoxville!