Gas Saving Ad – Mechanix Illustrated, Vol 1, April 1942


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My grandfather on my dad’s side was a packrat. Not a hoarder, but a packrat. He kept everything! He didn’t just keep things, though; he cataloged them. When he would buy a bottle of hand soap, for instance, he would put a piece of masking tape on the front of the bottle with the date of purchase, purchase price, and the store where it was purchased. I don’t think he ever threw away a magazine, and he subscribed to many. Popular Mechanics, Popular Science, several now-defunct magazines, newspapers , and the subject of this particular series, Mechanix Illustrated (which he labeled Mechanics Illustrated for some reason).



Mechanix Illustrated was a magazine published from 1928 through 2001. Grandpa bound the magazines in large books containing about 6 magazines each. His personal collection runs from 1942 through 1971. Some of the WWII articles are fascinating! I hope you enjoy seeing some of the articles and ads that pertain to vehicles of the time!

Gas Saving Ad April, 1942.jpg

Motorists Wanted!



Will you permit us to send you at our risk the Vacu-matic, a device which auto owners everywhere are praising? Install it on your car. Test it at our risk. Unless it trims dollars off your gas bills by saving up to 30% on gasoline consumption, gives more power, quicker pickup and faster acceleration, the test will cost you nothing.

Automatic Supercharge Principle

Vacu-matic is entirely different! It operates on the supercharge principle by automatically adding a charge of extra oxygen, drawn free from the outer air into the heart of the gas mixture. It is entirely automatic and allows the motor to “breathe” at the correct tine, opening and closing as required. Saves up to 30% on gas costs, with better motor performance.


Constructed of six parts fused into a single unit, adjusted and sealed at the factory. Easily and quickly installed by anyone in a few minutes.


Here’s a splendid opportunity for unusual sales and profits. Every car, truck, tractor owner a prospect. Send name and address now for big money making offer and how you can get yours Free.

The Vacu-matic Co., 7617-794 W. State Street, Wauwatosa, Wis.

2 thoughts on “Gas Saving Ad – Mechanix Illustrated, Vol 1, April 1942

  1. Nice job, Garan. Grandpa would be pleased. Wonder how many Vacu-matics were ever sold? Was that from a 1942 mag?


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