Impromptu Cruise Thru – Williamsburg, VA

My wife and I went on our anniversary trip this year to Colonial Williamsburg, VA. In doing some research concerning where we would eat, stay, things we should do, etc. she came across this little diner called Shorty’s Diner. Sure, it’s a nice little place with great food, but she went the extra mile by figuring out they had a weekly “Cruz Thru” every Friday night beginning around April and ending in early November. Now, they’re normally open only for breakfast and lunch, but on Fridays during the Cruz Thru, they open back up from 5-8 to serve the participants and guests of the show. Here are some of the pics from the show:

Click on any picture for a full-size version with much more detail.

Sharp Chevelle SS 396. One of my all-time favorite cars!

Red SS 396Red SS 396 EngineHad a couple of bikes at the show.Honda Bike

Classic Studebaker (?)Studebaker

…with a super-clean FlattyClean Flatty

This was Frank’s ’76 Ford Bronco and ’72 Olds Cutlass Supreme. Two great cars, and he and his wife, Billy, come here just about every Friday for the cruise in, and every Saturday and Sunday for breakfast. Amanda and I didn’t even know they served breakfast when we came to the cruise in, but Frank recommended it so much we went back Saturday for our last breakfast in Virginia and saw he and his wife one more time before we left. This is why we eat at places like Shorty’s and not Burger King! (nothing against The King, of course)'76 Ford Bronco'72 Cutlass Supreme

Check out the cool cantilever brake master cylinder set-up on the Bronco. Because of the tiny engine bay and big (for the truck) 302 V8, there wasn’t any room for a standard firewall-mounted master cyl. '76 Bronco Master Cylinder'76 Bronco Master Cylinder'76 Bronco Master Cylinder'76 Bronco Master Cylinder

This was a cool 4-Speed Impala SS. Love it!Cream SSThumping 396 Big Block!Cream SS Engine

4-on-the-floorCream SS Interior

Love classic Torq-Thrust wheels!!Cream SS Wheels


Well, I know it was a million and a half pictures, but I have just a couple more and I’ll go away. This was a slick, so-clean-you-could-eat-off-it Mach 1 with all the cool papers to go with it. This guy has it all figured out!Mach 1Mach 1 EngineMach 1Mach 1 Papers

p.s. all pictures were taken with an ancient Nikon D40 with an 18-200mm VR Lens. I know some people are interested in that kind of thing, so I figured I would indulge you. I have a much nicer Nikon D7000, but I found that the D40 did a fantastic job and it was much smaller and lighter. Most of the pictures on my blog actually come from my iPhone, but I decided to lug around a DSLR on this trip. If you have any questions about my photography please comment and I’d love to talk to you about it.

5 thoughts on “Impromptu Cruise Thru – Williamsburg, VA

  1. The photos are great! As a photographer, I am always interested in knowing what camera took what photo so thanks for adding that.


  2. From Dad…Great cars and pix!! Love the color-keyed wheels on the 72 Olds!
    The VA Antique plates look awful on ’50’s-’70’s cars — they’re modeled after pre-1910 VA plates, but these cars deserve 1950’s’-1970’s real plates. They’re not hard to find. Even the 2014 vanity plate on the ’72 Olds looks better than the Antiques. Oh well, maybe VA doesn’t have a year-of-manufacture plats law. Too bad!
    Love, Dad


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