Tech Tip Tuesday: Headlight Bulbs

Lights, camera, action! Ok, we’re only really gonna talk about lights today. Specifically headlights.

Do you ever find yourself driving down an unlit street at night squinting to see just a few feet in front of you? You may have a burned out headlight. They’re usually fairly easy to replace, though sometimes you may have to remove some other things to get to the bulb itself. If you do decide to tackle this project yourself, just remember, don’t touch the glass (red arrow)! The glass, or ampule, of the light bulb gets very very hot when the bulb is burning, and if you touch it the oils from your fingers can superheat and cause the glass to crack or explode. This isn’t super common, but it does happen from time to time and I’d hate to see it happen to you. 

That’s it for this Tech Tip Tuesday! I’d like to do a short little tip like this every Tuesday, so let me know what you think. 

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