Jeep 3.7 Spark Plug Replacement

In this video I walk you through the replacement of spark plugs and an air filter (basically, a "tune up" in a modern vehicle) in a 2005 Jeep Liberty Sport with a 3.7 V6. If you're careful and take your time, you should be able to conquer this task in just about an hour or … Continue reading Jeep 3.7 Spark Plug Replacement

Tech Tip Tuesday: Ford 5.4 Triton spark plugs

Ahh, the dreaded Ford "3 Valve" 5.4 V8 and it's ludicrous spark plug design. Available from 2004 (except the Heritage model) through 2008ish in Ford's full size SUVs and F-Series trucks, these engines are overall very durable and reliable. These spark plugs have stricken fear into the hearts of many DIYers (and some seasoned technicians!) … Continue reading Tech Tip Tuesday: Ford 5.4 Triton spark plugs