Family Vehicle History: The 1972 Chevy C10


We’ve all got ’em. Stories about our first cars. How they drove, where we went, crazy stunts we may or may not have pulled… (I admit nothing, Mom). My parents and my in-laws have driven some of the coolest cars, and they have the tales to prove it, so we thought it would be fun to share a few of those with you here!

But first, did you know that Amanda is a truck girl? If you see us at a car show, you can be sure to find her stalking a curvy Chevy Apache and some polished wooden beds. And it doesn’t have to be perfect – she spotted a primered truck on the road about a year ago with a fabricated bed and a Corvette transaxle, and hunted the driver down first thing at the most recent Cars and Coffee. She loves Henry in all his cranky glory, but she wasn’t too interested in C10s personally until recently. Amanda and her parents were talking about some past family vehicles when her Grandmother and Granddaddy Giles’ ’72 C10 came up.

The mention of C10 piqued her interest, and she probed for a little more information. It turns out that her Granddaddy Giles went to buy a new truck in 1972 and told Grandmother Giles to “pick the one you want.” She picked out a beautiful two-tone green and white long bed with a 350 and an automatic transmission. According to everyone who rode with (or anywhere near) him, her granddaddy was a pretty bad driver and didn’t really need a 350 V8; a modest six-cylinder would have no doubt been sufficient.

'72 C10

They aren’t sure why Amanda’s grandmother picked the green and white option since there was a very pretty blue that year (her grandmother’s favorite color). We figure that there probably wasn’t a blue option on the lot. It’s funny how things get passed along – Grandmother Giles passed away about ten years before Amanda was born, but to hear the family talk, Amanda is just like her, even down to that favorite color!

'72 C10 Front

Granddaddy Giles kept the truck until he passed in the early ’90s, when it went to Amanda’s uncle. It had 30,000 miles on it at that time, and her uncle only put 30,000 more on it before he parked it. While we don’t have any pictures of the actual truck yet, the included photos are a very accurate representation of what the old gal would’ve looked like. How awesome is it that the family still owns a classic vehicle connected to both grandparents? If you’ve got a cool story of a family member’s vehicle, share it in the comments below!

Photos via 1 and 2

3 thoughts on “Family Vehicle History: The 1972 Chevy C10

  1. Fabulous piece of history! I loved hearing the background of the truck… Grandmother Giles had great taste!


  2. So coincidentally, my grandfather bought the exact same truck, put about 30,000 miles on it before he passed in the early 90’s, truck went to my uncle, and within the next month(if all goes well), will belong to me! But my name’s not Amanda. I love this truck. It was the go-to loaner vehicle for all of my cousins and me when our own vehicles broke down as my granddaddy was unable to drive in his later years due to Huntington’s disease. I am so excited for it to be mine! I’ll try to remember to send some pics when I get it!


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