Southeastern GMC/Chevy Truck Nationals



We got this cool little flyer at Knoxville Cars and Coffee back in April, and we’ve been looking forward to the Southeastern Truck Nationals ever since! By the way, if you’re trying to promote a car show (or just about anything else for that matter), these little flyers are awesome! They’re the perfect size and easy to carry around and hand out. On to the show!


We live in Knoxville, and it’s pretty much a straight shot down 40 West to Nashville and a jog north to Goodlettsville, but we didn’t want to take the Interstate the whole way. For one, Henry doesn’t like barreling along at 70+ MPH, but we wanted to take the scenic route and take in some of the cool sights along the way. We took 61/62 through Oliver Springs (our home town), Wartburg, Lancing, Clarkrange, and Monterey (with a little unexpected detour) where we hit 70W through Cookeville and Lebanon after which we hit 109 north to Gallatin, then 386 west right in to Moss-Wright Park. It rained off and on through the trip, but Henry never gave us any trouble! What a guy…

WSP_7805WSP_7747WSP_7749WSP_7750WSP_7746Henry had a great time hanging out with nearly 400 of his closest friends, and we got a chance to show off his new wheel wells.


Bryan Ashley organized the event, and his Star Wars themed patina’d Suburban is just perfect. I think I need one now…

WSP_7788This is another of Bryan’s rigs. I love the service bed!


The detailed pinstriping over patina is one of my favorite things. I love that patina is coming back in a big way. Guys (like me!) don’t have to feel out of place at a car show without a $6000 paint job anymore. I like preserving the old look of a weathered truck or car.

How do you guys feel about Corvette style rally wheels on trucks? I go back and forth, but they’re growing on me.

There were several guys rocking vintage camper tops at the show. This guy had a matching truck bed trailer.

No gas cap? Shop rags to the rescue!

More patina and pinstriping…love it!

Our friends parked right next to this cool old truck, and I can’t believe I didn’t take any pictures of their trucks! Jason and Britney, and David and Kris were nice enough to let us hang out under their tents during the rain and blistering sun. Jason has a cool LS-swapped ’72 longbed wearing primer while David has a yellow Hurst ’72 longbed. Long live the longbeds!

I love this look. It’s kind of what I want to do with my Falcon eventually. Hot Rod black, gloss red wheels with beauty rings and smoothies, and wide white wall tires. This truck is nearly perfect!

LS swaps were everywhere! Time for a heart transplant for Henry!

Guys, I LOVE service beds. If anyone has one to donate, let me know. I’ll pick it up! I see a service bed in Henry’s future.

All the hand-painted graphics were great! You can see a little leftover rain on the doors here. When we got to the show, it was pouring! It rained for about an hour and cleared up for the rest of the day.

P.S. Dave, this is for you! He’s always been a big Snoopy fan.

There was a good mix at the show. It wasn’t all C10s. There were plenty of 4x4s, SUVs, and even El Caminos. One thing Bryan was adamant about was NO CARS! I really respect that.

Late models were welcome, too, though they were in the minority.

WSP_7781I’ve never been a huge skull-and-crossbones fan, but I love this sticker. Too many people drive automagic (sic) slush boxes and have forgotten how much of a pleasure it is to row through your own gears. American Powertrain offers manual transmission swap kits for just about anything. Keep up the good work, guys!

My wife, Amanda, LOOOOOVES Apaches. I think a ’58 might be in her future.

I’m just gonna leave this little guy right here. Grandpa would be proud!

Talk about CLEAN! I could never own anything this nice.

WSP_7743WSP_7800Good Humor came through with a legit ice cream truck serving cool treats all day.

Bryan Ashley organized the shindig, but SOKY Classics sponsored the deal. Go see them for all your truck parts needs!

There were about 400 trucks in the show and over 1000 spectators! It truly was a great show!

WSP_7809Old Henry and me heading out for the long drive back to Knoxville. It was a little over 400 miles round trip, and I’d do it again in a heartbeat! If you’re a fan of GM trucks, you HAVE to see this show. Next year is slated for July 14, 2018 so mark your calendar now. Henry and I will be back, hopefully with some new improvements. Keep up with the blog to see how he progresses throughout the year.

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